Montag, 17. Februar 2014

The Aftermath

Well, this is it for this semesters project.

It was a fun and interesting experience, a very different game than the ones we did before. And we are really proud of it just the way it is! On Wednesday the 12th of February we received the critique and review on the projects from our professors over at the Hochschule Darmstadt. Especially our project received a lot of praise, because it was so polished and presentable! We couldn´t be luckier, right?

But what now?

For starters, we have signed up our game for the German Computer Game Award (DCP) in the category "Best Concept from School and College", FoldUp is the entry number 601, so hold your thumbs and wish us luck!! (The award comes with a nifty 35.000€ reward that we could put into doing even more awesome games)

And then, sadly, we will have to cease work on FoldUp.
Next semester, we will need to focus on our Bachelor Degree project, which each of the team members will do separately. This will be hard and straining, in fact some even start now to get a little bit more time! But that doesn´t mean we will forget this project. FoldUp is great, and as my last deed as the Social Media Manager, I want to show you how YOUR 2D Kirigami Patterns made with FoldUp can look if you print them out and Fold them, creating your own Kirigami Pop-Up book!

You can find the rest of the gallery (all of our levels in real paper) on our Facebook page!

Thanks for the continued support and, FOLD SOME STUFF!

Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2014

Beta Build for User Testing!

The moment we have been waiting for.
The moment where we present you with our creation. It has arrived.

The FoldUp Game Open Beta v0.9d(Windows Build, ~36MB)

You can find your patterns and levels from the Editor in the "Assets\Levels" folder of this archive, so don´t forget to save and name it properly ;) When you "Load Texture" to give your created patterns some color, choose "Texture" in the popup window.
(try loading "christmastree" and "kugel" in the editor ;D)
Important: Diagonal Lines, Holes and Flaps are not supported. Horizontal and Vertical Lines only.
Currently the buttons for "Help" and "Options" (questionmark and gears respectively) do not have a function yet. Same goes for the "Share" and "Download" buttons after finishing a level, but these will be there in the final version for sure :)

For now, here is the tutorial screen for the Game part, as well as the downloadable and printable patterns for the first level!


Version 1

Version 2

The whole team of FoldUp would love to hear what you think of this, in regards to graphis, audio, usability, fun. Was it hard to solve the puzzles? Was it too easy? What can we do better? Does the Editor have everything you need for creating your own patterns? Was there something you missed?

Maybe you even took the time to create a pattern yourself – show us, send us an email or post on our Facebook page!

Thanks for your continued support everyone, we hope you like it so far!

Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013

Christmas Surprise!

Today I bring to you a small gift from the FoldUp team: this Christmas Tree Kirigami you can use as a special Christmas Card for your loved ones!

This Popup is an excellent example of how our Free Editor will work! 
I used our Prototype to design the pattern and check if it was foldable. Since I´ve never created a Kirigami before, this took me some time, and it would have taken a lot of paper had I tried to design this manually...
But with our Editor, I could save my progress, redo mistakes and look at the finished product, all before even touching paper!

The Christmas Tree in the Editor
Next I recreated the pattern to print it out and folded away.
Here is the result: Our very first own Christmas Card!

The Christmas Tree in paper

So once again, here are the printable patterns for you to use, now go and make your own creative Kirigami Christmas Tree Card!

(print it on colored paper or draw it yourself!)

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Freitag, 6. Dezember 2013

Ingame Art & Texturing

Look at this! There´s a bunch of new stuff going on! Doesn´t it look great?
We have been working hard, and in this short video I can show you a lot of things we did actually. For one, what you just saw is a core mechanic of the later gameplay: While placing the lines and cuts, you only have a checkered paper so that you can concentrate and calculate better. But thats kind of boring right? So when you finish the puzzle, you are rewarded with a colored texture on the model! You can even download the texture and print it out to create your own real Kirigami. We were all amazed at how fast Sven managed to create this effect of fading the texture onto the model, he is doing a great job!


This is the beta texture I, Pia, created for our pyramid. It is not yet final, but shows the style we are going for. To keep the connection to paper and crafting arts, we decided to make the textures look like folded paper or cardboard, the kind you can get from crafts shops. So in essence, we are making a Kiri-Origami game with Kirigami mechanics and Origami visuals! Best of both I´d say :)

There are also a few more additions to the prototype mechanics, you can now move the pattern by an offset or erase lines in the case you have made a mistake, as well as move the camera around for larger patterns. These functions will be expanded to include zoom too at a later point.


Here is just a small preview of one of the levels! Its a small couch and a side table. We want to have 10 levels of increasing difficulty and this would be a rather easy pattern for the game - and I just love the idea. As you can see, we are only utilising straight edges, diagonals and curves are limited due to programming restrictions. But even so, you can still make interesting, pretty concepts!

Mittwoch, 27. November 2013

Greenlighting & End of Pre-production

We just finished watching the last Greenlighting Presentation at our college, and man, our semester is AMAZING! There are 7 groups, each with great and interesting projects, and everyone had to show the results of Pre-production today: Finalized Concepts, Schedules, Management Plans, Teasers, etc etc.
In a business situation, the greenlighting is used to present the shaped idea to the customers and to get their Yay or Nay on starting Production on the project. Since we only have 3 months time for our project, we don´t have the chance to redo the whole conceptualisation at this point, so the whole process is a lot more straight-forward for us.
Our project was well-received, we got a lot of positive feedback on our art style and the game mechanics! This surely boosts our morale a lot, and now we are about to start PRODUCTION! I updated the blog and facebook pages with a gallery showing our concept arts, so check it out!

Other Projects:
But there were also the other groups, which I´d like to showcase a little:

Ship Wars - Taking fandoms to the ultimate fight Create a SHIP powered by FANS and shoot CANONS at other SHIPs!

Riverside – Work together, work in radiation Fight pollution by building a bridge out of trash! As cute, mutated animals!

Paranoia – Heroes, prepare for fear, because the Dungeon Master is pissed Asymmetrical turn based strategy game for two players!

CG Rookie - Webisodes giving a peek behind the way CG movies work (no webpage yet!)

Build my Level - Platformer where you create your own Level! (no webpage yet!)

Wings of Nations – Realtime strategy that focuses on quick building, continuous exploration and fast battles! (no webpage yet!)

Next Steps:
For us, the end of pre-production means we will have to get serious now. We need assets! Levels! And the Prototype has to be expanded! Everyone will be quite busy from now on, but I´ll be keeping you updated, no worries.
Meanwhile, why don´t you go to our Facebook page and tell us what you think of the project? Any and all comments, questions and feedback are very welcome! We´re doing this project for gamers after all :)

Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

Layouting and Prototype

Hello everyone!

We are progressing rather well in our project. We have decided on an Art Style, are finalizing the Layout, and our Programmer Sven has a wonderful prototype ready!

The Layout

This is a small preview of what the layout of the game will probably look like. It is of course by no means final, but this way we already have a general idea of what we need to produce for the UI, as well as have a guideline for the placement and design of the screens.

We are currently debating the possibilities of a server based platform for storing and loading player created puzzles, or a simple save-load function. Since we don´t know yet which solution we´ll take, the elements actually used in the Layout now are subject to change.

The Editor Prototype

Here we go, this is what Sven managed to do in such a short time. All basic functions are working already, and did you see that beautiful animation at the end? Amazing! Right now every Kirigami pattern that actually works physically is possible to fold, but in the actual levels there will only be one right solution.

So, we´ll go back to conceptualising and planning. Can´t be lazy now, right?

See you next week!

Montag, 18. November 2013

Introduction to FoldUp

Ever heard of Kirigami?
Well if you haven´t we are going to show you what it is – with our virtual puzzle game for the browser! Sadly, it isn´t developed yet. But that´s what this blog is here for: We are going to give weekly updates and exclusive insights into the development process of FoldUp!

Here´s a quick rundown of the game principle:
You are presented with a riddle in the form of a checkered piece of paper and a preview of what you need to accomplish: A finished Kirigami pop-up. You are given tools to mark cuts, valley folds and mountain folds and then the program computes what you marked – if it is correct, it will FoldUp and you completed the level!
Since we are currently still in the Pre-production phase, let me just introduce you to our team for today, explain what our roles are, and what our vision for the game is.

The FoldUp Team:
Martin – Project Lead and Art Director
Neti – Manager and Character/Story Artist
Pia – Blogger and Background Artist
Sven – Programmer and Technical Director
We all are studying Digital Media Animation and Game at the Hochschule Darmstadt in Germany. This is our fifth semester project and the last step before we approach our Bachelor!

Our Vision:
We want FoldUp to be a casual puzzle game for breaks in-between appointments, on the train, or just at home to relax a little and get your braincells running. Each puzzle will be designed so that you can actually create it out of real paper too, and we will provide you with the blueprints for every level you complete. So try to figure out the solution, then print it out and FoldUp yourself!

If you like puzzle games, spacial thinking or just trying out something new, check back here and follow our progress. Comments, Questions and Critiques are very welcome!
Until next Wednesday everyone~